AIFIn Financial Innovation - Italian Awards

Eurizon Fund - Equity Circular Economy took second place in the Asset Management Project category of the AIFIn “Financial Innovation - Italian Awards”, handed out on occasion of the 19th edition of AIFIn’s “Financial Innovation Day”.
The AIFIn financial innovation awards strive to be a point of reference for financial sector businesses, helping them assess their level of “innovativeness” thanks to an awards system that – after an initial macro selection by representatives of the organising bodies, based on historical series – relies on an independent external jury, made up of university professors, to pick out the winners in each category after a careful analysis.
The AIFIn “Financial Innovation - Italian Awards” are founded on principles of independence, objectivity, and ethics, and are intended as:

  • An acknowledgement of the innovative power of financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, financial brokers) and their ability to anticipate and/or guide market changes
  • An acknowledgement of the work of the managers who have activated and managed innovative initiatives, along with their staff
  • A guide for the market, that at once points out the most innovative initiatives and stimulates innovation.

The award was received on Eurizon’s behalf by Corrado Gaudenzi, Head of Long-Term Sustainable Strategies, and manager of Eurizon Fund - Equity Circular Economy.

For further information on the awards and on the award criteria, visit the dedicated section of the AIFIn website.

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