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Bond markets remain appealing in the medium term, especially for short to medium maturities and inflation-linked securities. The conclusion of monetary tightening, and the easing cycle expected to start between the second half and last quarter of the year, bodes well for spread bonds.
Bond market yields remain attractive in this 2024, particularly from a medium to long-term perspective. Expectations indeed point to very appealing yields, supported by an economic scenario that should witness a reduction in inflation levels, albeit with ups and downs, especially in the United States.

In any case, there are no expectations for a resumption of central bank rate hikes, but only a postponement of the start of the rate cut cycle and a reduction of its overall size. Also, the longer the central bank keep rates at their current levels, the longer investors will keep cashing in substantial short and medium term coupons in excess of inflation.

Furthermore, the longer maturities should mostly be considered as insurance against the risk of a future macro slowdown. An insurance than pays the policy underwriter (and not vice versa) in the form of positive real rates. 

At the current spread level, euro area countries, particularly peripheral ones including Italy, should benefit from the phase of declining interest rates, as higher-debt countries are expected to bear lower debt burdens. Therefore, the view on instruments such as BTPs is positive because the yield curve is still positively sloped. Consequently, long-term yields are higher than short-term ones. Additionally, volatility in Eurozone is decreasing, improving the risk-adjusted volatility and expected return. Furthermore, investors, especially international ones, are currently underweight compared to previous years.

The view is constructive and prospects remain favorable also for credit, where spreads still have room for further decline compared to typical end-of-cycle levels. Corporate balance sheets are robust, thanks in part to favorable financing and refinancing rates set in recent years. Companies have ample cash availability, and earnings dynamics are better than expected. The maturity profile is favorable as refinancing needs are deferred to 2025/2026.

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The new global scenario is rife with challenges, and must be taken on with a strategy, tactics, and an expert asset manager who can think and act ahead of time to make the most of the opportunities that arise on the market. Eurizon currently invests over 200 billion euros of its total assets under management in bonds, and can boast many years of experience and specialisation in addressing this asset class.
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