Eurizon’s Stewardship activity

Stewardship means the responsible management of resources and capital and is aimed at promoting the adoption of high governance standards and practices geared to sustainable growth by the companies Eurizon invests in, in the interest of assets under management, helping build confidence in the capital markets.


Stewardship activity takes the form of:
Exercising voting rights
Engagement with the companies Eurizon invests in

Strategy for the Exercise of Rights in the Financial Instruments of managed assets

Through our strategy on exercising voting rights, we seek to affect the choices of the companies we invest in

Taking part in the shareholders’ meetings of the companies we invest in allows us to use our voting rights to influence their choices in terms of corporate management themes and/or tied to sustainability.

Eurizon adopts a specific “Strategy for the exercise of participation and voting rights related to the to financial instruments pertaining to the UCITs managed”


Eurizon’s engagement with companies considered relevant 
Here at Eurizon, we define engagement as a the interaction and dialogue with the companies we invest in, and that we consider “relevant” based on qualitative and quantitative criteria, and detailed over time in our internal rules. The aim is to establish a medium-long term relationship with these companies geared to monitoring and determining commitments on specific themes – as well as taking part in their shareholders’ meetings.
For further details, see Eurizon’s Engagement Policy
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