We adopted an Engagement Policy in the belief healthy sound corporate governance policies and practices, incorporating ESG criteria, can create value in the long term.
Eurizon's Engagement Policy
In 2014, Eurizon signed the Italian Stewardship Principles for a responsible exercise of administrative and voting rights in listed companies.
Good governance standards foster market confidence and the role of investors and managers is crucial in the internal dialectics of investee companies.
In 2020 Eurizon adopted an Engagement Policy which describes the behaviour the Company uses to promote opportunities with its investee issuers.
Eurizon is even more oriented toward a proactive interaction with its investee companies and adopted a targeted approach to corporate governance.
Eurizon adopted a strategy for the exercise of administrative and voting rights in listed companies to play an active role with its investee companies and have a focused approach to corporate governance.
Corporate Governance approach

  1. Eurizon adopts a documented policy, available to the public, which outlines the strategy for exercising the rights linked to UCI and managed portfolio related financial instruments.
  2. Eurizon monitors participating listed issuers.
  3. Eurizon sets out clear guidelines on the timing and methods of intervention in participating listed issuers in order to protect and increase their value.
  4. Eurizon assesses the possibility of cooperation with other institutional investors, where appropriate, with a special focus on the regulation of concerted action.
  5. Eurizon exercises voting rights linked to UCI and managed portfolio related financial instruments managed in a conscious manner.
  6. Eurizon keeps track of the exercise of rights related to UCI and managed portfolio related financial instruments by adopting an information disclosure policy as to external governance.
Responsible Shareholders - Engagement

Eurizon promotes a proactive interaction with its investee companies, in the belief that issuers implementing high corporate governance standards are those capable of generating better long-term performances for their shareholders. As a signatory to the United Nations Sustainable Investment principles (PRI), our company pays particular attention to the policies implemented by investee issuers on behalf of assets under management by checking their compliance with virtuous governance practices concerning environmental, social and governance issues, as well as by exercising its engagement activity and voting right in meetings in a transparent manner.
Strategy for the Exercise of Rights in the Financial Instruments of Managed UCIs

Eurizon has adopted and applies a specific strategy for the exercise of the speaking and voting rights relating to managed UCI financial instruments, in order to ensure that said rights are exercised in the exclusive interest of UCI participants. The adopted approach indicates that the Company has committed to adopt high external Corporate Governance standards. Eurizon plays an active role in the meetings of selected listed public companies in the Italian and international markets, taking into account the possibility of influencing decisions concerning their voting shares held.

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