A broad and diversified product range, such as the one offered by the Eurizon companies, requires the combination of several skills in order to build up macroeconomic scenarios, fundamental analyses of listed companies, technical analyses and quantitative models.
The competences serve rigorous investment processes that are articulated in multiple management styles and the functioning of which  is assured for each company by different management teams.


Eurizon Capital SGR

  • Equity Research & Portfolio Mgmt
  • ESG & Strategic Activism
  • Fixed Income & FX
  • Flexible Portfolio Management
  • Global Strategies & Total Return
  • HNWI Portfolio Management
  • Investment Solutions
  • Real & Alternative Assets
  • Macro Research & Product Specialist


Eurizon Capital S.A.

  • Equity
  • Fixed Income
  • Investment Solutions


Eurizon SLJ Capital LTD

  • Macro & FX Team
  • Chinese bond market in local currency (Renminbi)
  • Emerging markets debt


Epsilon SGR

  • Quantitative Investments
  • Discretional and Total Return Investments

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