Penghua Fund Management is an asset manager founded in 1998 and based in Shenzhen (China). With assets under management of 89 billion euros as of March 31st 2020, Penghua represents one of the major Chinese asset managers.
The company is active in the management of third party assets, through funds for retail clients, social security funds characterized by Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor (QDII) and separately managed accounts. Penghua is one of the main managers in China of social security funds in terms of assets under management .
Penghua’s shareholders are Eurizon Capital SGR (49%) and Guosen Securities Co. (50%), a Chinese company that has carried out the Investment Banking, Brokerage, Asset Management and Research activities since 1989. The remaining 1% of shares is held by Shenzhen Brillice Investment and Development Co., Ltd.

The general manager of the company is Deng Zhaoming since December 2007.

For further details on Penghua Fund Management please visit the website:

* Source: Z-Ben Advisors



He Ru Chairman
Deng Zhaoming General manager
Sun Yuyang Board member
Massimo Mazzini Board member
Andrea Vismara Board member
Zhou Zhongguo Board memeber
Shi Jichun Independent Board memeber
Gao Zhen Independent Board memeber
Zhang Yuan Independent Board memeber




Huang Yu Chairman
Sandro Vesprini Board member
Li Guoyang Board member
Yu Dan Board member
Liu Hiuhong Board member
Su Bo Board member

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