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Today, more than ever before, sustainability means innovation

The multiple facets of sustainability have become part of everyday life, in the choices made by businesses and institutions in most of today’s world, triggering thoughts, ideas, and projects designed to tackle the scenarios of the future.

Massimo Mazzini, Eurizon’s Head of Marketing and Business Development, reflects on how sustainability-awareness has driven innovation in the AM company’s product offer, that now includes a widespread and diversified range of funds that also take into account ESG themes, and are tangible proof of the scope of Eurizon’s commitment

Eurizon investment plans, in compliance with the new disclosure and transparency requirements laid down by the European Union, provide a detailed description of the methods used to integrate sustainability factors into investment decisions.
The European Union, in the attempt to upgrade its efforts against the consequences of climate change and resource depletion, issued Regulation 2088/2019 (SFDR) laid down new disclosure and transparency requirements to strengthen protection for end-investors and financial-market participants. In this domain, financial products may be grouped into three categories. The distinctive factors of each category are detailed in the pre-contractual disclosure.

The ESG/SRI strategies implemented by Eurizon

SRI exclusions and restrictions

Enforcement of restrictions and exclusions from the investment universe on issuers who operate in non-socially-responsible industries

ESG exclusions and restrictions

Enforcement of exclusions and restrictions from the investment universe on critical issuers for which an escalation process may be implemented.

Integration of ESG factors

Adoption of different strategies to integrate ESG factors into asset analysis, selection, and portfolio composition.

Carbon footprint

Integration of methods for the measurement of the issuers’ carbon footprint, so as to build portfolios with an ecological footprint that is lower than the reference parameter or that of the relevant investment universe.

Sustainable investment objectives

How to pursue sustainable investment objectives through specific investment selection methodologies, in respect of best governance practices.

Active ownership

Proactive interaction with the issuers, including voting rights, to encourage effective communication with the company’s management.

Our sustainable products

Eurizon provides investors with a wide range of funds that integrate sustainability risks into investment choices, promote environmental factors or aim at sustainability. Eurizon Capital SGR S.p.A. has been the first Italian company to establish ethical products, back in 1996, and keeps developing new investment strategies that integrate sustainability risks.
At the forefront of promoting a better and sustainable future
A range of ESG and SRI funds diversified on all asset classes
A rigourous and transparent process for the selection and monitoring of financial instruments


Source: internal elaboration – data as of December 2022

Eurizon Fund - Absolute Green Bonds

The sub-fund that supports green investments

Eurizon Fund - Sustainable Global Equity

Diversifying by investing in sustainable companies
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