Eurizon Fund -
Bond Aggregate EUR

Diversification in the “aggregate” euro bond investment universe 

Eurizon Fund – Bond Aggregate EUR invests mainly in bond instruments and debt-correlated instruments of any kind denominated in euros, including bonds, convertible bonds, and money market instruments, issued by governments, agencies, supranational institutions and private corporations, with Investment Grade credit rating (individual issue or issuer).
The fund uses dynamic exposure to the various investment themes, taking a macroeconomic analysis approach, with the aim of outperforming the 100% Barclays Euro Aggregate benchmark index in the medium term. The fund is actively managed, and the benchmark is used for measuring performance and calculating performance fee.

SFDR: The Fund promotes, among other characteristics, environmental or social characteristics as per Article 8 as per Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 on sustainability‐related disclosures in the financial services sector (“SFDR”).

Investment process based on a top-down approach.

Active management on the bond markets, combining different strategies.
Outperforming the benchmark index

Investment Process

The management team, on a daily basis, carries out strict (ex-ante and ex-post) risk monitoring, which supports the entire process.
The selection of government and supranational bonds derives from the top-down choices made in terms of duration, curve allocation, and country choices. Corporate bonds are selected using a bottom-up approach, based on relative value criteria, with the support of the Corporate Bonds Team.

Market Analysis and view generation
Defined, in terms of top-down allocation, as a preference for government bonds over credits, overall exposure in terms of duration and country selection. The allocation choices are guided by macroeconomic analyses.
Allocation vs. Benchmark
Definition of strategies versus the benchmark in terms of positioning on government bonds, corporates, and government-related bonds. Directional and relative value strategies are defined on rates, by country, and across different issuers.
Diversification to other asset classes
Diversification across High Yield bonds, Emerging bonds in USD and in local currencies, and currencies, to improve the fund’s risk-return profile with strategies at times geared to hedging de-correlated from the main strategies.
Final Portfolio
The construction of the portfolio is discretionary and based on an allocation model in respect of the TEV (Total enterprise Valuation) limit (defined internally) and the limits imposed by applicable rules.
See Eurizon Fund - Bond Aggregate EUR factsheet

Main sources of performance generation

Exposure to rate risk
Duration, curve allocation, inflation exposure
Credit allocation
Investment Grade vs. High Yield
Geographical allocation
Semi-Core and Peripherals vs. Core (Germany) and international diversification
Off-benchmark diversification
Emerging markets and Currencies

Main Risks of the sub-fund 

The risk indicator assumes you keep the product for 4 years.


This Sub-Fund is not a guaranteed product. Investments bear risks. You may not recover all of your initial investment. Investment may lead to a financial loss as no guarantee on the capital is in place. The summary risk indicator is 2 (low-very low volatility). Main risks: Benchmark bias, CoCos bond, Convertible bonds. Country risk, China, Credit - rated below investment grade, Currency, Derivatives, Frontier and emerging markets, Hedging, Interest rate, Investment fund, Management, Market, Sustainable investments. For more details about the risks please refer to the prospectus

Main costs: illustrative share class - LU1529954825, Class Unit Z EUR Accumulation - Entry costs: 0% Exit costs: 0%, Ongoing charges: 0.50%, Transaction costs: 0.14%, Performance Fee: 0.10%.The performance fee calculation is based on a comparison of the net asset value per unit against the High Water Mark where the High Water Mark is defined as the highest net asset value per unit recorded at the end of the five previous financial years, increased by the year-to-date return of the fund's benchmark. The actual amount will vary depending on how well your investment performs. The aggregated cost estimation above includes the average over the last 5 years.

The Fixed Income & FX team

Eurizon excellence in management

The management team is highly specialized by area of competence: a feature that allows it to aim to take advantage of all the opportunities which arise on the market, and to select what they consider as the best strategies.


Key features:

  • 50 billion euros in AUM
  • Team with a long track record in working together
  • 31 Fund Managers with an average experience of 17 years
  • Managing 174 portfolios

This marketing communication relates to Eurizon Fund (The “Fund”), a Luxembourg UCITS in accordance with Directive 2009/65/CE and the Luxembourg Law of 2010. This document is issued by Eurizon Capital S.A. organized as a public limited company in Luxembourg, at 28, boulevard Kockelscheuer, L-1821 Luxembourg, and authorised as management company of the Fund under the Law of 2010. This marketing communication is intended for professional investors as defined in the European Directive 2014/65/EU (MiFID) or relevant legislation in countries where the Fund is registered for distribution and is not intended for retail investors nor US Persons. Before taking any investment decision, read the Prospectus, the Key Information Document (the “KID”), and the last annual or semi-annual financial report, available in English (and the KIDs or in authorized language) on the website
This document does not constitute any legal, tax or investment advice. Past performance does not predict future returns. There is no guarantee that the forecasts will be reached in the future. Liaise with your tax and financial advisor to find out whether a product is suitable to you and understand the related risks and tax impacts. The tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. A summary of investor rights is available in an official language (or authorised language) at
The Management company reserves the right to terminate the marketing arrangements of the Fund in your country. Before investing, read the risk section of the prospectus and the specific risks and costs related to the Fund. Also read the SFDR Pre-contractual disclosure, and the documents available in English or in authorized language, in the “Sustainability” section of the webpage:
SWITZERLAND: In Switzerland this document is an advertising as per the Federal Act on Financial Services (FinSA), is intended for professional and institutional investors only and is not intended for retail investors. The representative and paying agent in Switzerland is Reyl & Cie SA, Rue du Rhône 62, CH-1204 Geneva. The prospectus, the KID, the fund regulation and the annual and semi-annual reports may be obtained from Reyl & Cie SA. Daily publication of the net asset values of the Units offered in Switzerland:
CHILE: In Chile when the Sub-Fund has been registered for distribution by the Comision Clasificadora de Riesgo (CCR) in Chile exclusively to Chilean Pension Funds under Agreement Nr 32 of the CCR, this document is not intended to investors who do not qualify as a Chilean Pension Funds. To find out whether this Sub-Fund is registered with the CCR, please refer to

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