We are our values

A strong identity for a shared goal
For a company, values are just as important as they are for a person.

Although they are an abstract concept, they are no less relevant than what we consider tangible, i.e. numbers and results.

Values define a person and shape their image in the eyes of the people they interact with. In a company’s case, they help build a brand and the way it is perceived by the public it addresses.

This is why we have decided to renew ours.

Excellence, Integrity and Passion, were already part of our corporate baggage and history. We have now added Responsibility and Sustainability.

We want to be ourselves, always, across economic phases, in times of change, in a more sustainable future, and achieve together the goals we have laid out.
We pursue the utmost in quality and continuous improvement. We grow our knowledge and talent to generate innovation
We operate with fairness in all our professional relationships. We consistently uphold our values and promises. We feel responsible for the trust of those who count on us.
We act by seeking the conditions to generate enthusiasm, so that everyone can give their best with energy and commitment. We work professionally and bravely face daily challenges.
We assess the impacts of our actions and decisions in the medium/long term, aligning our choices with the principles of social responsibility. We seek diversity within ourselves and integrate it to generate inclusive growth.
We are aware of the central role of savings in the lives of those who trust us. We take care of the effects of our actions, taking on a commitment that goes beyond ordinary care and diligence

Our Mission and our Vision

In addition to values, that guide our activity, we have also defined our mission and our vision. Being able to count on them when the time comes to make decisions, or to choose a path to follow, helps ease doubts or pressures from the outside world, secure in the knowledge of always being consistent with ourselves

Our Vision


We have the ambition to spread a culture that promotes the value of people, of their projects, of savings: a financial humanism based on respect, on responsibility, on awareness of individual strengths.

Our Mission


We value the savings of our clients, creating and managing investment solutions suited to their needs. We turn the complexity of the financial markets into opportunities. We engage with the companies we invest in, to promote the pursuit of sustainable growth and high governance standards. Trustworthiness, innovation, and quality service are our distinctive traits.
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