Solutions on the platform. Eurizon Wise and the Italians’ money «Advice and confidence to invest

An educational platform created by Eurizon. The company’s Head of Sales and Business Education, Alessia Golinelli, presented the platform to QN, the Italian consortium of daily newspapers, as part of the Financial Education Month, which consists of a series of initiatives on the theme throughout Italy, from 9 to 31 October.
Wise, Golinelli says, was born from the awareness that “financial education plays a fundamental role in the life of investors, savers and consumers. People who have to improve their knowledge to understand the risks and opportunities implied by their investment choices”. Golinelli dwells on the Directive of the ESMA European Authority, which asserts the need for sector operators to attend training schemes. A principle also embraced by Consob.
She then details the contents, themes and public addressed by the platform, and the initiatives scheduled as part of the Financial Education Month in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo, called “A compass for investments: Asset Management’s response to navigate the complexity of the markets”.


“Le soluzioni sulla piattaforma. Eurizon Wise and i soldi degli italiani «Consigli and fiducia per investire»” –QN, 7 October 2019



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