WEBINAR JANUARY 2022: CHINA – an outlook to 2022 and beyond


Head of International Business Development
GABRIELE MIODINI - gabriele.miodini@eurizoncapital.com
France, Belgium
ROMAIN ROUCOULES - romain.roucoules@eurizoncapital.lu
CÉDRIC GENET - cedric.genet@eurizoncapital.lu
Germany, Austria, Netherlands
SAAM GERALD - gerald.saam@eurizoncapital.lu
ERIK DROLLINGER - erik.drollinger@eurizoncapital.lu
ROBERTO SARCINA - roberto.sarcina@eurizoncapital.lu
Spain, Portugal BRUNO PATAIN - bruno.patain@eurizoncapital.lu
JORGE DIAZ - jorge.diaz@eurizoncapital.lu
Switzerland ROBERTO SARCINA - roberto.sarcina@eurizoncapital.lu

Institutional Clients
ANDREA BERNARDI - andrea.bernardi@eurizoncapital.com
Retail & Wholesale Distribution
SIMONE MARTINI - simone.martini@eurizoncapital.com
Insurance ANDREA FERRI - andrea.ferri@eurizoncapital.com
Private Banking FRANCESCA MOLTENI - francesca.molteni@eurizoncapital.com
Financial Advisors ROSA FOGLI - rosa.fogli@eurizoncapital.com

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